Your cultural tour

When you are in a foreign country, with a different language and a city designed in a mazelike fashion, you may want the assistance of a personal shopper. This will enhance your shopping experience tremendously as well as saving you time and money.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, a piece of jewelry, tribal rug or an antique chest, why not let a highly trained professional shopper do the hard work for you while you sit and relax with a glass of mint tea in the best and most reliable shops. We will schedule the appointments for you to help you find the clothes and household goods you want – with no obligation to buy!

The consultation with your personal shopper lasts around half an hour, during which time you’ll discuss your requirements and budget. They will take into account your lifestyle, favorite colors, preferred labels and personality before selecting the stores they will take you to visit.

Your cultural tour

Tea, coffee, or a beverage of your choice are provided for you while your consultant checks and gathers on your behalf the items you might be interested in. You remain the one who sets the tone for your shopping excursion.

If you are looking for larger household objects, your personal shopper can guide you to the appropriate stores and could even shop for any gifts if you require. In addition they will keep an eye on the packaging and the shipping ensuring safe arrival of your items to your home. Their service is provided with no pressure to purchase.

Besides shopping and visiting ancient sites, one of the most pleasurable pastimes in Marrakech is going on a foodie tour. Below are just some of the amazingly flavorful and delicious dishes you will find in the local restaurants. Let us know whether a foodie tour might be on your agenda and we can make those arrangements for you.

Whatever your interests, we offer you the quintessential way to experience Morocco far beyond what a guide book can offer.