An ancient philosophy that we make fresh

Somewhere, deep in all of your guests is the desire to lose themselves in the wilderness of the Atlas Mountains, the throbbing heart of the medina of Marrakech, the soul of the authentic countryside. They will wrap themselves around the unknown that they will delight as the new washes over them.

My team of tour designers will help them to achieve the following luxuries: time to linger; conversations to savor; interests to uncover; and patience to discover; interesting information to appreciate.

To get your clients under the skin of a place and to let a place get under their skin, that is neither easy nor hasty work. After all, travel as it used to be, is born of travail. My team of guides will assure enjoyable challenge that brings the promise of growth and of deep pleasure.

This philosophy contains the key to the most engaging and meaningful touring available today. We have taken an old concept and made it new.

We focus upon the importance of the personality and conduct of the guide as essential ingredients that constitute the work of our tour guides. On the aspect of personality, we are sure that the secret to success of being a tour guide is: loving the subject and the people he/she presents it to. That is, having a passion for the subject and taking an interest in each guest. In essence, the work of a tour guide not only involves the transmission of information, but also presenting it in an interesting and sincere manner.

Here we offer you the gift of a tour designer, a travel companion who will join your clients on their journey with MD Team. Committed to my point of view, these are men and women who hunger for the luxury of accompanying your clients in a different way. Safe in their hands, they will linger, explore, converse and shape their own journey.

It is time to redefine generosity, humility, knowledge and creativity in touring. It is time to rediscover a lost art. It is time to go with with/for MD Team.
MD Team is the key to the most creative and empathetic experience available today, and that key is PEOPLE.
People are what travel is all about, those with whom we choose to tour with and those we meet en route.
This philosophy introduces you to a small sampling of men and women whose profession is personalized guiding. Their time is valuable; their knowledge of their country and enchantment with their worlds are invaluable. They are the key to creating memorable, life changing journeys.

MD Team has taken an old concept and made it new. We are offering you travel the way it used to be- spontaneous, quirky, intelligent and individual with a superb touring companion, the road opens in magical unexpected ways.
Yet MD Team is not for everyone, nor is the design for every trip.

MD Team is a transaction (because these guides earn their living accompanying larger groups on more traditional itineraries, expect decent fees) that turns into a transformation.

We constantly bear in mind that the role of the guide includes one who is a leader capable of assuming responsibility. He is a humble educator to help the guests understand the places they visit. He is an ambassador who extends hospitality and presents the destination in a way that makes visitors want to return. He is a host who can create a comfortable environment for the guest. He is a facilitator who knows how and when to fulfill the previous four roles.

We will carefully pair traveler-guide after in-depth consultation and then help create the outlines of the journey. After that, it is up to the dearest guests and the ‘‘gods’’ of the road.